Keith Soh
Student (2017 to 2018)
Secondary 3 to 4

Star treasures tuition centre is a great tuition centre. The teachers there are very patient. They came up with reward system to motivate students to work hard.
I could see myself improving from a person getting borderline passes in A Math to scoring an A1.
Without the teachers professionalism and various teaching methods for different students. It is unlikely for Us to score well.
We have Teachers that goes beyond just to make sure that we students understand the topics.
First was allowing us to send them questions via WhatsApp
Then it was us having the liberty to come down to the tuition centre to revise.
During Christmas, they would celebrate with the students, making us like a huge family. And those expenses come from them.
Through this I can say that Star Treasures Tuition Centre prioritise students mainly and monetary second.
I feel that to them, the students well being is very important. The teachers do not only teach, they share their life with them. It is no longer a Student-Teacher relationship as it is much closer than that.
Although Star Treasures isn’t well known like others tuition centre where parents believe the ‘expensive means better ‘, but it is a fact that when students enrolled in Star Treasures tends to excel. This could be seen over time. Hence, I trust Star Treasures in helping me academically and their advices to allow me to see the paths that I could take in future.

Goh Yu Xing
Student (2016 to 2017)
Secondary 3 to 4

My experience with Star Treasures is that the teachers here are all very experienced and are super nice to their students. They are willing to give up their time to help their students whenever there are exams and they would always be there to encourage the students and push them to their limits to excel further. I can say that this is one of the best tuition centres that I have ever attended. I would definitely recommend my juniors to join this tuition centre as it has definitely helped me improve in my studies.

Goh Simin
Student (2009 to 2010)
Secondary 3 to 4

I always had difficulty in understanding my secondary school’s teachers’ concept as the teacher to student ratio is quite huge. In Star Treasures, Miss Tan explained the concepts very well and I quickly got the hang of how to tackle the sums and gained confidence in doing mathematics. I continued having tuition till I finish my O levels and I am very contented with my results.

Patria Lim
Student (2011 to 2016)
Primary 5 to Secondary 4

As students of more than 4 years at Star Treasures Education Centre, my sister and I have benefitted immensely from the abundance of materials for practice, and the amount of help received from Ms Tan and Mr Yeo! At Star Treasures, the teachers are very dedicated, understanding and approachable, providing me with a safe environment (even extending beyond lesson time) to clarify my doubts. Highly experienced, the teachers are able to understand each student’s weaknesses well and can tailor the lesson according to your needs, boosting your concepts and confidence in the subject.

Sherlyn Ong
Student (2008 to 2015)
Primary 3 to Secondary 4

Star Treasures not only helped me academically, achieving an A for my Science subject in O levels from a C, but the teachers there also taught me the importance of kindness. It was like a second home. My journey with them from Primary 3 to Secondary 4 was filled with nothing short of love and laughter. Not only were the teachers patient and kind, they are some of the most inspiring and passionate individuals I have ever met. Star Treasures was not just a place where I grew academically but as a person too. It had been an amazing experience indeed!

Ang Shiyun
Student (2012 to 2018)
Primary 4 to Secondary 4

As a student, I feel that Star Treasures has helped me improve in my various subjects. Although lessons are conducted in groups, the teachers are able to tutor each student individually. This allows us to make progress at our own pace, without having to worry about falling behind the class. In addition to tuition work, I can also raise questions I have from school. Personally, my academic results over the years have surpassed my expectations and I am grateful for the guidance Star Treasures has given me.

Mrs Daphne Wong
Parent of Mervyn Wong (Secondary 2 to 4),
Beth Wong (Primary 6 to Secondary 4)

My two children had been under the guidance of the tuition centre for 6 years. Through this period of time, I witnessed firsthand how the centre goes the extra mile for every one of their students. Rather than to cultivate top scholars, their priority is to ensure that every student performs to the best of their abilities. They analyse each child’s learning style and capability meticulously and uses it to effectively alter their teaching approach. I am very glad to have sent my children to this centre as they have benefited tremendously from their time there. My oldest son, who was easily distracted and failing most of his exams, passed his o levels with 14 points. Also, ever since my daughter entered the tuition centre, I also saw the steady increase in her math results. Not only did the centre benefit my children’s education, the compassionate teachers also managed to create a welcoming and encouraging environment for my children to learn in.